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ItsHunterr's Staff Application

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Jun 23, 2019
User name: ItsHunterr

Minecraft username: ItsHunterr

Discord name & tag: ItsHunterr#6818

Preferred name: Hunterr

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Timezone: BST

What server do you play the most on: On Minecraft I only play Arcane, and Enhanced

How long you play on a weekday per day: Recently not that Much due to enhanced crashing but normally like an Hour a Day maybe more

How long you play on a weekend per day: 3 hours normally

Any previous punishments on the Minecraft server: None

Any previous punishments on other Arcane Realms servers: None

What makes you stand out from other applicants: I enjoy helping people, and am active, I'm also chill, I don't penalize everything, however I don't let things that shouldn't be let go, go.

Tell us about yourself: Previous question kind of says, but I just enjoy playing Minecraft, it's relaxing, and whilst I'm playing I'd be down to help anyone who needs it

Choose ONE personality trait that describes you the best: Sexy, oh shit I mean uhh, consistant

Why we should choose you over other applicants: This question has been repeated? But because I'm chill, I'd do ym job, I'd be active, I know a decent amount about the server now, I try to help around in general I.E report Bugs go in server support etc.

Have you ever been staff on an Arcane Realms server: No

If yes, what were your duties: None

Have you ever been staff on a Minecraft server: Yes

If yes, what were your duties: Administrator, Builder, Developer (different Servers)

Have you ever been staff on an online community: Yes

If yes, what were your duties: Discord alot, and just keeping the peace and making sure Green bean doesnt say the n word in the wrong server is an example

Do you understand that you application may not be successful, and that asking about your application's status may result in instant denial, as well as accepting that this application is authentic, has been written by you and only you, and have had no assistance from anyone else. Failure to comply with any and all of these reasons may lead to bans, kicks or mutes. Yes
Not open for further replies.